18 january 2016

The day when hacking is legal


Where stands the problem?

The developments of Information and Communication Technology (hereinafter ICT) is an important factor in economic development of a country. At the same time the risk of non taking the security measures reflects directly to major economic loss and national security.

Ministry of Economical Development through this awareness-raising campaign aims to increasing the level of cyber security awareness to institutions, public and private sector.

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness of users and taking security measures for public and private bodies. This objective will be reached by training responsible persons uncharged for information security up to end users. Therefore we provide necessary information for different groups of society regarding the National Security, Financial and privacy as three key parameters that directly affects the state and citizens.

What we did?

A brief reminder of what has been developed over the years:
1. Has been aware more than 1000 high-school students in 18 municipalities in Kosovo.
2. Has been aware about processing sensitive health data to 12 hospitals from public and private bodies.
3. The three-day conference 26, 27, 28 January 2015, with international speaker among them Facebook, Google, Microsoft and HP,  Agencies for the Protection of Data from Japan, Belgium, Bulgaria and the region.
4. Workshop with unique character "The Day When hacking is legal".
5. Workshop 'security measures' to 04/08/2015.
6. On 12 June we organized the conference ''The processing of sensitive health data 'in Prizren.
7. Evaluation of Cyber Security Level by Ministry of Economical Development, University of Oxford and World Bank.
8. Cyber Security Strategy by Ministry of Internal Affairs

What we are doing?

We are witness to terrorist acts happening all over the glob, and we are aware that those acts could be reduced if there is lawful interception, social network, dark web and bitcoins monitoring therefore our closed sessions of training for Law Enforcement Agencies is the way how to reach stable national security.

The conference will take place at 18-19 of January 2016 in Pristina -Kosovo. It is hosted by Ministry of Economical Development. Supported by government and independent Authorities such Kosovo Police, Information Associate Agency, National Agency for Personal Data Protection, and Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications.
The conference contains three sessions:

18th of January 2016, Open Session with 20 most influence speakers about Cyber Security and Privacy, separated in four panels with topics of Cyber Crime, Financial Cyber Security, National Cyber Security, Privacy.

18th of January 2016, the parallel activity within the conference would take place the 2nd Workshop ‘The DAY when hacking is legal’, were selected Ethical Hackers for 8 hours would try to break authorized websites, for every bug they found they going to be awarded. We used similar method like Bug Bounty Programs.

19Th of January 2016, Closed Sessions only for Law Enforcement Agencies from Kosovo and Region. Invited people are from Kosovo, Macedonian, Albanian, Croatian and UK Police,  Telecommunication Companies, National Agencies, National CERTS, Cyber Crime units and Prosecutors from countries listed above. Will be presented latest products related with Lawful Interception, Bitcoing, Big Data Analysis, Social Media Monitoring, SSL Decryption etc.

Welcome Speech

Blerand StavileciMinister of Ministry of Economic Developement
Mentor HoxhajState supervisor of NAPPD

Open Speech

Kadri VeseliHead of Assambly of Kosovo
Christof StockEu office in Kosovo
Bekim ÇollakuMinister of Ministry of Europian Integration
Greg DelawieUSA Embassy Pristina
Agron MustafaCEO at Kosovo Telecom
Bedri HamzaGovernor of the Central Bank
Nehat MustafaD. Minister of Ministry of Internal Affairs


Cristian PerrellaRepresentative of Facebook
Marie CharloteMicrosoft
Tomas GulbinasPublic Policy Team, Central and Eastern Europe at Google
Blerta Kodra DeliuDeputy of Kosovo Assembly
Dafina ZeqiriArtist
Flori MumajesiArtist
Ermal MamaqiArtist
Besim DinaProducer
Jan PluskalNetwork Forensic Expert, Phd. Candidate
Vladimir VeselyNetwork Forensic expert, FIT
Hiroshi MiyashitaChuo University JAPAN
Yoichiro ItakuraAttorney at Law, Hikari SoGoh Law office Tokyo
Faton Tony AliuCEO of PECB
Robert KoslaPublic Safety/National Security/Defense at Microsoft
Ana BobacSolution Manager Ericsson
Takeshige SugimotoSenior Associate, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
Arben HoxhaLawyer
Baki KelaniSpokesman of Kosovo Police
Ekrem HoxhaChief Executive of ARKEP
Kujtim GashiChief Executive of ASHI
Blerim RexhaHead of Computer Engineering Dept.- University of Prishtina
Edmond HajriziPresident of UBT
Gjoko KrsticWorld Famous Hacker
Denis AvdiuCEO of AVD
Tomislav TucibatFortinet Account Manager
Carmine RizzoETSI
Ugo SantilloSales Director, IPS
Dirk BoergerdingULTIMACO
Rezar MeziniVodafone Albania
Dan BogdanovCybernetika
Laura PulaState Prosecutor
Arianit KociLawyer
Sherif HyseniCrypto-ag
Martin CrulPECB
Shqiprim PulaARKEP


Date: 18 January 2016
Venue: Hotel Emerald, Prishtina, Kosovo
Open Session Conference

09:00 - 09:30
Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:30 - 09:45
WELCOME SPEECHES Blerand Stavileci - Minister of Ministry of Economic Development
Mentor Hoxhaj - Chairman of Cyber Security and Privacy (State supervisor)
09:45 - 10:15
OPENING SPEECHES Kadri Veseli - Head Of Kosovo Assembly
Christof Stock - EU office in Kosovo
Bekim Çollaku - Minister of Ministry of European Integration
Bedri Hamza - Governor of the Central Bank
Agron Mustafa - CEO at Kosovo Telecom
10:15 - 11:00
National Security Takeshige Sugimoto - Senior Associate, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
Carmine Rizzo - ETSI Standards
Shqiprim Pula - ARKEP
Kujtim Gashi - Chief of Associate Agency of Information
Blerim Rexha, Head of Computer Engineering Dept - University of Prishtina
11:00 - 11:20
Coffee Break
11:20 - 12:30
Financial Impact on Cyber Security Vladimir Vesely - Faculty of Information Technology - Czech Republic
Laura Pula - State Prosecutor
Edmond Hajrizi, President of Cyber Security Education Center - UBT
Martin Crul - PECB
Arianit Koci - Lawyer
Anila Hoxha - Tollkuci - Head of Security and Safety Operations at Raiffeisen Bank Albania
12:15 - 13:30
13:30 - 14:30
Facing Cyber Security Challenges Cristian Perella - Representative of Facebook
Tomas Gulbinas - Public Policy Team GOOGLE
Fadil Avdyli - Chief of Cyber Security Unit - Kosovo Police
Tomislav Tucibat - Major Accounts Manager FORTINET
Sherif Hyseni - Local Account Manager - CRYPTO AG
14:30 - 14:45
Coffee Break
14:45 - 15:50
Privacy Breach Experiences Blerta Deliu - Kodra - Head of Woman's Deputy in Republic of Kosovo
Dafina Zeqiri - Artist
Ermal Mamaqi - Artist
Besim Dina - Artist
Flori Mumajes - Artist
Arben Hoxha - Advocate of Copyright
Denis Avdiu - CEO of AVD Digital
15:50 - 16:00
Awarding ceremony for The DAY when hacking is legal

The spokepersons that are highlighted with Bold are waiting to be confirmed, or it may be confirmed by the organisation but the speaker is to be confirmed.


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